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Lunar Meteoroid Impact Observer (LUMIO) is a CubeSat mission to a halo orbit at Earth–Moon L2 that shall observe, quantify, and characterise meteoroid impacts on the Lunar farside by detecting their impact flashes, complementing Earth-based observations on the Lunar nearside, to provide global information on the Lunar Meteoroid Environment and contribute to Lunar Situational Awareness.

LUMIO was awarded winner of ESA’s SysNova Competition No. 4 (LUCE: Lunar Cubesat for Exploration). The mission has undergone a CDF review by ESA.

Lumio features

LUMIO Science

  • Question: What are the characteristic of meteoroids impacting the lunar surface?
  • Objective: Advance understanding of how meteoroids evolve in the Solar System
  • Mission: Conduct observations of the lunar surface to detect meteoroid impacts

LUMIO Exploration

  • Fly a CubeSat into lunar environment
  • Test orbit control with CubeSat
  • Pave the way to Lunar Situational Awareness

LUMIIO Technology

  • Miniaturised optical instrument: LUMIO-Cam. Fast, highly sensitive to faint signals detector
  • On-Board Payload Data Processing
  • Sophisticated orbit at Earth-Moon L2. Near 2:1 resonance with Earth-Moon
  • Full-disk Autonomous Optical Navigation
  • 12U form factor, < 22 kg
  • On-bord micro propulsion system
  • Solar array drive mechanisms
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