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Tesi / Master's thesis

MS and PhD theses can be carried out mainly but not only in one of the following topics:

Aircraft Conceptual Design:

  • Automatic generation of the structural mesh starting from known geometry;
  • Application and validation of new innovative software tools for the conceptual design of aircraft.

Structural design and optimization:

  • Development and application of multidisciplinary optimization techniques for the conceptual and preliminary design of aircraft;
  • Study of aircraft equipped with adaptive devices capable of producing small and large-scale geometric variations (aircraft morphing).

Structural dynamics and aeroelasticity:

  • Aeroelasticity: development of aeroelastic control techniques and methodologies;
  • Development and application of Damage Detection methodologies based on the dynamic characteristics of the structures;
  • Design and manufacturing of aeroelastic models for wind tunnel tests of control laws for load alleviation and / or flutter suppression.

They are very broad fields of investigation, which allow the development of different thesis works of numerical, experimental and / or integrated type.

Please, contact me for further details and clarifications.