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Research: ASDL Lab

The research activities are mainly carried out under the umbrella of the AeroStructures Design Lab (ASDL).

ASDL specializes in the development of multi-fidelity analysis and design methods to enable fast and efficient generation of aero-structural models for new, environmentally friendly aerospace systems. The availability of a structural model since the beginning of design loop, i.e. at the conceptual design level,  allows the designer to immediately evaluate the potential impacts from aeroelasticity on the definition of global aircraft design parameters, as well as the possible benefits from new materials and technology like morphing, in terms of global performances and weight saving. Current topics of research interest include:

  • Automatic generation of low-medium fidelity aero-structural models
  • Fast structural sizing, aeroelastic analysis and optimization
  • Multi-objective topological optimization of compliant structures for morphing application
  • Active aeroelastic control, including wind tunnel validation

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