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August 07, 2019, 12:30


Sergio Ricci
Full Professor

Politecnico di Milano
Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER)

Campus Bovisa Sud
via La Masa 34, 20156 Milano, Italy

tel. +39.02.2399.8319
fax +39.02.2399.8334


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July 22-26, 2019: The wind tunnel flutter test campaign on F-XDIA model, in the framework of AFS project with University of Washington (Seattle) and FAA, has been successfully completed! The flutter velocity has been identified, as predicted. Then, the flutter has been controlled with an in-house developed direct feedback control scheme. Thanks for the amazing work to all the team members (Luca, Luca, Alessandro Federico, Francesco, Donato, Gabriele and PAOLO)!

F-XDIA Model inside the Large POLIMI's Wind Tunnel