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January 15. 2016 14:05:15

OpenFOAM + Code_Aster

As far as we know of, academic and also industrial aeroservoelastic problems in the transonic regime are nowadays numerically solved in the framework of Computational Aeroelasticity (CA) coupling commercial structural and aerodynamic analysis tools, such as Nastran by MSC and FLUENT by ANSYS respectively.

See for example: L. Cavagna, G. Quaranta, G. L. Ghiringhelli and P. Mantegazza, "Efficient application of CFD aeroelastic methods using commercial software", Presented at the International Forum on Aeroleasticity and Structural Dynamics IFASD-2005. Link

Our challenge is to show that a similar toolbox to solve aeroservoelastic problems both in a research or industrial enviroment can be built using only free software, such as the free Finite Element (FEM) structural solver Code_Aster by EDF and Finite Volume (FV) aerodynamic solver OpenFOAM by OpenCFD. The purpose of using only free software is also applied in the post-processing stage using SciLab and Gnuplot.

This work is the main topic of M. Sc. Thesis in Aeronautical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano of G. Romanelli and E. Serioli (July 2008).

Figure: Block diagram of the toolbox of free software for aeroelastic analysis in the transonic regime, e. g. for the AGARD 445.6 wing benchmark test problem at Moo = 0.96.

Figure: Symbol of the GNU free software project.


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