FreeCASE - Free(dom) Computational AeroServoElasticity
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January 15. 2016 14:05:15


Aeroservoelasticity at Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale (DIA) of the Politecnico di Milano has a research record of more than 30 years covering simulation, design and testing.
As such this site will make available publications and software that a group of researchers has developed and will develop. Do not expect too much right now, it is just a beginning.

FreeCASE is part of a series of already existing Freedom DIA initiatives, e.g. Real time control/simulation/testing (RTAI), multibody dynamics (MBDyn), on going at DIA. Most of those Freedom activities can be integrated to build up state of the art relatively complex analyses.
We would like to point out that the term "Freedom" should be intended as it is for Free(dom) Software, i.e. paraphrasing what found here: liberty to  use, copy, distribute, study, change and improve, not only in relation to software but to knowledge as well. The only thing to be given in exchange is fairness in relation to actual intellectual property, i.e. cite fairly and correctly what you might take from this site. Such a freedom carries "free" as "gratis" with it also which, despite not being the main philosophical issue, is quite important in itself.

Our wildest hope is that we can progress to the point that what made available here can be found useful and used, so that a wider community can be built around this site eventually. We do not expect it to happen in a snap though.

Paolo Mantegazza (
Professor of Aeroservoelasticity

Currently the following project folders are active:
  •  OpenFOAM + Code_Aster: The main aim of this project is to show that a  toolbox to  tackle challenging problems in the framework of Computational Aeroelasticity (CA) can be built using only free software such as the structural solver Code_Aster by EDF and the aerodynamic solver AeroFoam implemented from scratch within the OpenFOAM by OpenCFD enviroment.

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