Short Description

Flowmesh is a Finite-Volume solver for the Euler equations of motions. The solver is node-centered, edge-based, second order accurate in space and (up to) third order accurate in time. It works with hybrid (triangles, quadrangles, tets, prisms, etc...) dynamic meshes. A mesh deformation algorithm is used to displace the nodes in 2D and 3D, while a mesh adaptation (edge-swapping, node insertion/deletion) strategy is implemented for the 2D case only. The governing equations are solved within the arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian framework, which allows to skip any interpolation of the solution.
Flowmesh is written in Fortran 2003, it is fully supported by the non-commercial (free) version of the Intel Fortran Compiler. Compatibility with other compilers, e.g. NagWare or Gfortran, is not guaranteed. Flowmesh is compatbile with Tecplot 360, for which data handlers are provided.

Flowmesh can read meshes produced by Gambit and Umesh2D. Umesh2D is a Fortran program for generating 2D unstructured girds of triangles. The program implements the Delaunay advancing method developed by Stefano Rebay which is centered around the Bowyer-Watson algorithm. [34]

An implementation of the handlers for the CGNS data structure is currently under-way.

Scientific Background


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Numeric scheme


The goal of the Flowmesh project is to develop a novel CFD tool for simulating the complex... More...