Unsteady adaptive CFD

Flowmesh is an open source Finite-Volume solver for the Euler equations of motions. The solver is node-centered, edge-based, second order accurate in space and (up to) third order accurate...

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What is Flowmesh?

Short Description of the Project

Flowmesh is an Euler solver for adaptive meshes specifically designed for aerodynamic applications. It is written in Fortran as an open source program.


What does it do?

Activities and applications

Flowmesh solve the Euler equations over adaptive meshes, to locally control the grid quality and spacing. Many example are available, have a look!


Want to contribute?

Available projects and more

The flowmesh team is always looking for people that want to contribute. Engineers, researchers and studends have a look at the projects section.


Latest Updates

June 20, 2012 by Dario

Parallel Solver Completed

Flowmesh for fixed-topology grids is now parallel! Soon new updates in the Activities.
Have a look at Andrea Duchini's thesis (italian written)

June 19, 2012 by Dario

New Thesis Section

The list of available thesis project is now available More

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