Information for Prospective Students

This is the unofficial web page of the current coordinator of the PhD Program in Aerospace Engineering of Politecnico di Milano.

It contains tips about asking for information about the PhD in Aerospace Engineering.

The official webpage from the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology ( reports the following line:

For further specific information on the Aerospace Course, visit the following web site:

or contact the PhD course in Aerospace Engineering at

What typically happens is that prospective students interested in a PhD skip the link to the webpage and jump to the email address, sending messages like


i am very interested by your university, i have Master of XXX in YYY; i want to continue my studies for a PhD degree at your University could you please help me to do that.

You must realize that the only correct answer is:


because, as explained in the webpage you were directed to:

Please realize that in more than 99% of the cases my reply will likely be a link to this page.

If you’ve been patient enough to read until this point, the most valuable” information I can give you is:

Dear prospective student,

PhD programs at Politecnico di Milano require prospective students to pass a competitive evaluation.

The regular enrolment takes place once a year, on November 1st, with the call for applications usually opening in April and closing in the second half of May, but there may be exceptions, discussed below.

You can find all the required info in the links reported below.

If you pass the selection, you can enrol, and if you are up enough in the enrolment list, you may be eligible for a grant.

Further information about the PhD program at large is available here

Information specific for the Aerospace Engineering program is available here

Additionally, optional callsbased on grant availability – may be out three times a year, should additional positions on specific projects become available:

    • the first one opens in August and closes at the beginning of September, with enrolment on November 1st;

    • the second one opens in November and closes at the beginning of December, with enrolment on February 1st of the following year;

    • the third one opens in February and closes at the beginning of March, with enrolment on May 1st.

For the calls, follow this link (for the regular call, follow the first link; for additional calls, follow the “ADDITIONAL CALLS” link).

For the sake of completeness, there is actually another possibility: if you received a scholarship of at least 3 years duration by another institution (e.g. your government) through a selective process (a competitive evaluation) and you want to spend it at Politecnico di Milano to earn a PhD, and according to the very same rules of the regular selection process you qualify as PhD student, then you might be accepted, pending verification that the project you propose is scientifically sound and pertinent with the PhD program you select.

The 3 key requirements thus are:

  1. you already have a scholarship from an external institution, earned through a selection process

  2. you meet the requirements for enrolment at Politecnico di Milano

  3. the research you propose is pertinent

I hope these instructions help. Specifically, I hope they help me deal efficiently with most of the emails I receive on this topic.