The mission of the A3Lab is to develop novel, possibly ground breaking, aerodynamic applications leveraging advanced modeling and computational techinques in combination with modern feedback control and optimization strategies. Research activities at A3Lab span over a wide range of engineering applications such as: Morphing airfoils and wings for enhanced aerodynamic performance to boundary layer control for drag reduction for sustainable aviation and transportation, from pulsed transverse jets for combustion enhancement and energy conservation to microfluidic devices for bioengineering aerospace applications, from optimization of laminar mixing for sustainable manufacturing, to simulation of turbulent mixing for prediction of pollutants' dispersion. The philosophy of the A3Lab is to be aware of novel technologies as well as new scientific and industrail needs in order tackle promising research topics and practical engineering applications. Master's and Ph.D. theses are available in several different research areas. At the A3Lab each Master's or Ph.D. student will work on a self-contained independent research project geared to produce a scientific publication.

(Photo courtesy of NASA N3-X Blended wing-body airliner.)

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